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About Us

Established in 2016, CashLendingToday is a premier online platform dedicated to facilitating quick and efficient funding solutions for small businesses. By bridging entrepreneurs with suitable loan options, we’ve successfully financed over 4,600 companies, amounting to more than $1 billion. Completing our online profile takes mere minutes, enabling business owners to discover the most fitting credit solutions in a secure and transparent setting. Thanks to CLT’s guidance, countless entrepreneurs are empowered to make informed financial choices promptly, allowing them to concentrate on their core mission: business expansion.

What loan options are available through CLT?

CashLendingToday offers an array of financing solutions tailored for small businesses. Ranging from term loans, working capital loans, conventional bank loans, SBA loans, business credit lines, to equipment financing, CLT’s seasoned financial experts can pinpoint the optimal financing for your business’s success. Notably, for minority and underrepresented business sectors, exclusive lending programs are at hand. For example, special loan offerings are accessible for women-led and veteran-led businesses that might not be widely available otherwise. Regardless of your business’s scale or nature, CLT stands prepared to extend the financial assistance you seek.

With the right documentation and details at hand, CLT can facilitate rapid funding for business owners, often within a 24-hour window. For a swift funding process, we highly recommend submitting all necessary documents promptly. Moreover, we prioritize your privacy, ensuring that all your data is handled securely. You can confidently pursue funding with us. For a deeper understanding, please review our privacy statement.

With CLT, the sole fee you’ll incur is at the closure of your financing application. There are no application or submission charges involved. Additionally, all business tools and Financial Calculators available on their site are free of charge. This user-friendly approach makes CLT a trusted and appealing choice for entrepreneurs aiming to grow their businesses.

When applying for a financing product through CLT, certain fees might apply. Typical underwriting fees, determined by the lenders, are due upon transaction closure. Additionally, if you’re acquiring bank financing products via a funding specialist, you should be aware that fees differ depending on the transaction’s nature and size. For commercial real estate loans, an origination fee is expected at the time of loan finalization. For specific fee details tailored to your situation, CLT can offer more information.

CashLendingToday offers an optimal solution for business owners on the go, aiming for swift and straightforward capital access. Through CLT’s streamlined process, investors can submit online applications and receive equitable evaluations, potentially securing funds ranging from $10,000 to $10 million in a single submission. Moreover, CLT assists businesses in their growth trajectory by facilitating multiple financing rounds, simplifying their journey without the burden of managing numerous distinct loans. In essence, CLT presents a distinctive avenue for businesses, regardless of size, to tap into the capital they require.

CashLendingToday is an innovative direct funding provider for small businesses, providing them with unique solutions that simplify the process of acquiring business financing. CLT operates through multiple subsidiaries to handle different parts of the financing process. CLT, LLC is not a lender itself, but rather brings together small business owners and lenders via its platform. CLT also has relationships with leading banks and financial institutions who may issue loans using CLT’s lending platform. Ultimately these relationships work together to provide finance solutions to small business owners that match their goals and needs.

Business Solutions

CashLendingToday offers rapid funding solutions to business owners. With the necessary documents and information correctly provided, securing funding within a 24-hour window is often feasible. We emphasize the importance of promptly submitting all essential documentation to expedite the process. Moreover, we prioritize your privacy, ensuring all personal information is handled with utmost security. This allows you to access funds with peace of mind. For more insights, please refer to our privacy policy.

CashLendingToday presents a wide range of financial solutions tailored for small business owners. From term loans, working capital loans, conventional bank loans, and SBA loans to business lines of credit and equipment financing, CLT’s skilled funding team can identify the ideal option to boost your business growth. Moreover, special lending initiatives are designed for businesses from minority and underrepresented sectors. As an example, loan offerings exclusive to women-led and veteran-led businesses are available, which might not be found in mainstream markets. Regardless of your business’s size or structure, CLT stands poised to offer the financial assistance you seek.