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Small Business Loans

A small business loan is a specialized financial solution tailored to bolster the functioning of small businesses

  • Versatile Financing Alternatives
  • Swift Processing
  • Same-Day Capital Availability

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Equipment Finance Loans

Financial solution enabling businesses to acquire essential operational equipment.

  • Simplified Procedure
  • Eligible for Tax Deductions
  • 2 Minute Application

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Short Term Business Loans

A form of financing offering businesses immediate cash infusion to manage short-term expenditures.

  • Same-Day Funds Availability
  • Prompt Responses
  • Addressing Challenges

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Business Line of Credit

Secured or unsecured loans up to $500,000, featuring flexible terms and transparency with no concealed charges.

  • Five-Minute Application Process
  • Repayment Period Extended up to 3 Years
  • Immediate Access to Funds on the Same Day

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The process of applying for a business loan can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Here at CLT, we focus on simplifying your loan application journey.

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CLT is a digital platform for small business funding that swiftly and conveniently aids entrepreneurs in accessing loans, solutions, and financing alternatives. Since its inception in 2016, it has already facilitated loans and funding for over 4,500 firms, amounting to more than $1 billion. Business proprietors require only a few minutes to complete our online profile, and they can discover the small business credit solution that optimally aligns with their requirements in a safe, transparent setting. With CLT’s assistance, thousands of business owners are able to make knowledgeable payment choices instantly, enabling them to concentrate on the paramount task: expanding their businesses.

CLT presents a broad spectrum of loans and alternative financing options to small business proprietors. Ranging from term loans, working capital loans, conventional bank loans, SBA loans, business lines of credit, equipment financing, and beyond, CLT’s seasoned funding specialists are adept at identifying the financial instrument your enterprise needs to flourish. Furthermore, for those from minority and underserved demographics, exclusive lending programs are accessible. For example, businesses owned by women and veterans have the opportunity to apply for loan products that aren’t widely available. Regardless of the scale or configuration of your small business, CLT stands prepared and eager to offer the fiscal backing you require.

CLT delivers financing to business proprietors promptly – given that all necessary documents and information are duly prepared, securing funds within 24 hours is generally feasible. To guarantee swift attainment of funds, we vehemently recommend the punctual submission of all required paperwork. Plus, our pledge to privacy ensures that your data is handled securely, letting you obtain funds with assurance. Discover more by viewing our privacy statement for additional information.

When aligning with CLT, the sole fee you’ll ever encounter is at the closure of the financing application. There’s no need to fret over application fees or submission charges when crafting a financing request with them. Moreover, any business utilities spotlighted on their site, including Financial Calculators, are perpetually free for utilization. This characteristic renders their platform exceptionally approachable and dependable for numerous entrepreneurs striving to scale their businesses.

Upon submitting an application for a CLT financing solution, you may be liable for fees. Customary underwriting fees, dictated by the lenders, are due at the transaction’s conclusion. The charges associated with any bank financing products facilitated through a funding specialist should also be considered, as these fees fluctuate depending on the size and nature of the transaction. In the context of commercial real estate loans, an origination fee is obligatory at loan closing. CLT can furnish more detailed information on fees tailored to individual circumstances.

CashLendingToday serves as the ideal solution for active business proprietors seeking to swiftly and conveniently tap into the required capital. CashLendingToday expedites the funding process, facilitating online applications and fair evaluations, enabling investors to procure from $10,000 to $10 million through a single application. CashLendingToday also aids companies in business expansion through multiple rounds of loans or financing, thus simplifying their path to success without the need to manage multiple distinct loans. CashLendingToday presents a distinct approach for businesses of all magnitudes to obtain the funds they need.

CashLendingToday is a trailblazing direct funding provider for small enterprises, offering them distinct solutions that streamline the procedure of securing business finance. CashLendingToday operates through various subsidiaries to manage different aspects of the financing process. Rather than being a lender itself, CashLendingToday assembles small business owners and lenders through its platform. Additionally, CashLendingToday maintains connections with premier banks and financial institutions that may dispense loans utilizing CLT’s lending platform. In the end, these associations collaboratively deliver financial solutions to small business owners that align with their objectives and requirements.